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Driver Experience Courses

Realise that childhood dream and enjoy driving one of our steam locomotives for the day under the watchful eye of one of our experienced instructors. Be it on a full day or a two hour taster course, you will enjoy the thrill of driving on our challenging 15" gauge railway.

The full day course starts at 09.30 with a safety briefing before joining your instuctor to light the fire. You will then clean and oil up whilst learning about the workings of the steam locomotive before getting on the footplate and becoming familiar with the controls and how it handles driving up and down the line 'light engine' (just the locomotive, no carriages)

You will then couple up to some carriages and drive the train for the day operating between our timetabled service train, experiencing the exitement of passing the tokens half way and maintaining the balance of coal in the fire, water in the boiler which in turn makes the steam!

Lunch and drinks are included for the participant and up to 4 guests will recieve free admission into the park and get to travel on the train that the participant is driving!

The full day course is £200.00 per person.

This experience is suitable to be shared, please phone for further details.

The taster course commences after the last train of the day has arrived and begins with a safety briefing before you join the instructor on the footplate to drive the locomotive for three round trips 'light engine' (just the locomotive no carriages). This is an ideal course for the novice driver and the curious who wish to have go.

The taster course is £100.00 per person.

Both courses end the day with a certificate.

Footplate Rides may be available on selected days when Ruby or Ellie are operating at a cost of £20.00 plus standard entrance fare. Please phone 01872 510317 to enquire when this may be available.

Important Booking information

The driver experience courses are available to those aged 18 and above.